Voting on the DIA website is a simple 3 step process

  1. Step 1 - register yourself as a DIA member (this is a one time task)
  2. Step 2 - register your Deer Island property (this is a one time task)
  3. Step 3 - vote (this can be done once per issue but for many issues)

Step 1

When you register yourself as a DIA member on this website, it is simply a matter of providing basic name, address, email, cell phone and other information so that the website can confirm your account for current and future votes.

Step 2

When you register your property, it is simply letting the website know the property that you will be voting in the name of.  DIA regulations state that each DIA property owner is allowed one vote.  If you own more than one property on Deer Island you can only vote once.  If someone else is on the deed of your other property, they can register that property and vote in the name of it.

Step 3

Voting is simply indicating your preference on the issue at hand at the moment.  The voting feature of the website has been constructed with security, integrity and privacy.  No one will be able to vote on a single issue more than once.

Watch the video below that shows you how to easy it is to vote using the website.

How To Voting Video

This video shows you how the website voting works.  Note that the video is almost 9 minutes long, but the actual voting itself should take the average person only 1-2 minutes.


To Vote Now, begin by starting with Step 1



Register with the Deer Island Association

The information you provide will be kept confidential and will only be shared with Deer Island Association members.

Looking For Documents?

Under the More Info menu, you will find meeting minutes, passway regulations, financial statements and more Deer Island Association information.

Charter and By-Laws

The DIA Charter and By-Laws is currently only available as an image.  

Passway Regulations


Bantam Lake Protective Association

Bantam Lake Protective Association

The Bantam Lake Protective Association which is is a private nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation of Bantam Lake and its surroundings