Deer Island is a community of private roads and properties on Bantam Lake in the town of Morris, Connecticut.  Bantam Lake is a majestic paradise tucked away in the northwest corner of Connecticut in beautiful Litchfield County.  The Deer Island Association manages the services provided to home owners.

Pickleball / Tennis Court Update:

Surfacing of the pickleball / tennis court is now complete.  

The next task is to complete the fencing around the court.  As of now it is scheduled for completion by the end of the summer.  A temporary fence will be installed in the meantime.

Learn To Play Pickleball

Lessons will be given by DIA members Tom and Patty Thompson.

Loner paddles will be provided

Thursday, August 11th at 7 PM
Friday, August 12th at 9 AM
See you on the court!!

"Experienced" Pickleball players:

Come play pickleball on Mondays and Thursdays at 7 PM.

See you on the court!! 

DIA Meeting Minutes:

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Recycling and Waste Pickup
Wed, Oct 05, 2022
Deer Island

Be sure to leave your blue recycling bin and black garbage bin roadsite in front of your property.  And make sure the metal grab bar is facing the road so that trucks can easily pick them up.

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Deer Island Association policy on short term rentals

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Charter and By-Laws

The DIA Charter and By-Laws is currently only available as an image.  

Passway Regulations


Bantam Lake Protective Association

Bantam Lake Protective Association

The Bantam Lake Protective Association which is is a private nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation of Bantam Lake and its surroundings

Bantam Lake Sea Plane