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Bantam Lake Sea Plane

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Deer Island Association Meeting Minutes

Document Date Posted

2019 Budget Meeting Minutes 06/10/2019
2019-05 Meeting Minutes 05/11/2019
2019-04 Meeting Minutes 05/05/2019
2019-01 Meeting Minutes 01/22/2019
2018-11 Meeting Minutes 11/25/2018
2018-10 Meeting Minutes 10/29/2018
2018-09 Meeting Minutes 10/11/2018
2018-08 Meeting Minutes 08/19/2018

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Charter and By-Laws

The DIA Charter and By-Laws is currently only available as an image.  

Bantam Lake Protective Association

Bantam Lake Protective Association

The Bantam Lake Protective Association which is is a private nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation of Bantam Lake and its surroundings