Hello members of the Deer Island Association:                 12-08-2020

At the annual meeting on September 5, 2020 the membership decided to put two issues to a vote. This process has been approved by the DIA attorney.

The two issues concern the tennis court and short term rentals. Please see the details below, and after reading, please cast a vote on each of the issues.

Tennis Court

As you may know the association tennis court was in need of repair before the last two storms. During one of those storms a large tree fell on the court and punctured a hole in it. A secondary issue was the concern of the property owner to the east of the court that repairing or replacing the court would go beyond the scope of the easement he has given to the DIA for the small portion of his property that the court is on. That is no longer a concern.

As such we now have two choices. The first is to resurface the existing court and replace the damaged fence. Our best quote for that work is approximately $30,000. The second is to replace the entire court and the damaged fence, moving it off the neighbor’s property. Our best quote for that work is approximately $65,000. Prices are likely to go up next year so we would like to hire a contractor now and start work next spring. These are your two choices.

Resurface the court for $30,000  - or -  Replace the court for $65,000

Short Term Rentals

Short term rentals (Airbnb, VRBO, Home Away, etc) have unfortunately been a source of numerous complaints to the DIA board - noise, excessive garbage, parking, foul language, animal control, etc. 

To help solve this continuing problem the board authored a new regulation that would limit rentals to one rental in any three month period. At the annual meeting in September it was suggested to modify this proposal to one rental in any one month period. Multiple one week or two week rentals in any period would not be allowed. An information form would be completed by the property owner and given to the DIA prior to the tenants’ occupancy. Fines would ensure that this was done.

It was also suggested to create a security deposit to be paid by the owner of the rental property to the DIA and to be held by the DIA so that the DIA could deduct any fines from that deposit. The board thought that this would be too much work for a few volunteers and that we would have to hire paid staff to do this, so this option was discarded.

Therefore, we have a few choices, divided into two votes. The first vote is to do nothing, make no change, or to add a regulation to limit the number of rentals. If the membership votes to limit the number of rentals then the second vote is to either allow one rental in any three month period, or to allow one rental in any one month period. These are your choices.


Do not change or add any new regulations 

- or - 

Create new regulations to limit the frequency of short term rentals as above.


- AND -


Limit the frequency of short term rentals to allow one rental in any three month period.

- or -

Limit the frequency of short term rentals to allow one rental in any one month period.

Thank you for all of your suggestions.

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